Races to Watch: As Michigan Goes, So Goes the Education and Workforce Committee

October 19, 2018

Races in Michigan could preview future members of the House Education and Workforce Committee and foreshadow an increased attention to labor and employment issues in the 116th Congress.

The House Education and Workforce Committee is sure to take up joint employer, leave mandates, and minimum wage in 2019, regardless of which party is in control of the House.  This agenda—and how these issues are considered— could be intensified depending on the addition of certain newcomers to the committee.  These potentially include:

  • Andy Levin (D), who has extensive experience with labor and employment issues, having worked for the Department of Labor, the AFL-CIO, and the Presidential Commission on the Future of Worker-Management Relations (the "Dunlop Commission").  The son of longtime incumbent Sander Levin, he is a heavy favorite to win in Michigan’s 9th District in November.

  • Haley Stevens (D), who is running on a $15 minimum wage and a public option for the ACA in Michigan’s 11th District.  She has a slight lead over her Republican opponent, Lena Epstein, who has a background in business in the automotive industry and has run as a pro-business candidate.

If Democrats flip 23 seats on election day, the Education and Workforce Committee will likely be chaired by Rep. Bobby Scott (D-VA), who will ensure the committee is a staging ground for Democrat priorities.