President Trump Pegs NLRB General Counsel Nominee

September 22, 2017

President Trump has nominated accomplished labor and employment attorney Peter Robb to be General Counsel of the National Labor Relations Board, rounding out the nominations needed to give Republicans control of the Board—at least through the end of the year.  Mr. Robb has considerable experience with the agency, with a resume that includes service as a field attorney for the NLRB's Baltimore office, a supervisory attorney with the Federal Labor Relations Authority, and as chief counsel to former NLRB Member Robert Hunter.  Meanwhile, the Senate will vote next week on Board nominee Bill Emmanuel, who when confirmed will give the Board a Republican majority.  If President Trump intends to keep the Board under Republican control, however, he will eventually have to nominate an additional member, as NLRB Chairman Phil Miscimarra has signaled he will not serve past his current term, which expires in December.  Additionally, the Senate HELP Committee will hold confirmation votes on nominee for Deputy Labor Secretary Patrick Pizzella and EEOC nominees Janet Dhillon and Daniel Gade, who both testified before the committee this week.