ManpowerGroup Skills Report Examines Need for New Skills As New Technologies Enter Workplace

January 24, 2017

According to a recent ManpowerGroup study, automation and digitization are expected to accelerate the need for employees to gain new skills, but most employers do not foresee job losses due to these developments.  Surveying 18,000 employers in 43 countries across six industry sectors, the study found "eighty-three percent [of employers] intend to maintain or increase their headcount and upskill their people in the next two years.  Only 12 percent of employers plan to decrease headcount as a result of automation."  Employers in India reported jobs in the country to be the most vulnerable to automation and digitization.  For the most part, employers noted that new technologies will supplement rather than replace jobs in the next two years, with the largest expected increases in IT, human resources, and customer-facing roles.