HR Policy, Large Employers Call for Legislative DACA Solution

February 15, 2019

HR Policy President and CEO Dan Yager, along with over 100 corporate CEOs and key policy group members, urged congressional leadership to "pass a bipartisan, permanent legislative solution to enable Dreamers who are currently living, working, and contributing to our communities to continue doing so."

The cost of doing nothing is steep, the letter points out, with a potential loss of $350 billion in GDP over the next 10 years.  "Continued delay or inaction," the letter states, "will cause significant negative economic and social impact to businesses and hundreds of thousands of deserving young people across the country."

Outlook:  With the Supreme Court declining to take up the issue last month, several injunctions by federal courts keeping DACA in place will remain in effect.  However, even a Supreme Court ruling on the issue would likely only address the legality of the process by which the Trump administration attempted to wind down the program—not the legality of the program itself.  Therefore, it is up to Congress to establish a permanent solution.