House Chair Profile: Rep. Bobby Scott, Ed and Workforce Committee

November 16, 2018

Rep. Bobby Scott (D-VA) is expected to pursue an ambitious agenda as Chairman of the House Education and Workforce Committee, holding hearings and introducing legislation on a variety of HR policy priority areas.

In a letter to his Democratic colleagues seeking support for his chairmanship, Scott said he would work to advance “equity in education, expanding access to affordable health care, ensuring workers have a safe workplace where they can earn decent wages, and conducting rigorous oversight into this Administration’s deregulatory agenda.”  One of his first acts will likely be to rename the committee as the Education and Labor Committee.

Scott held hearings at a record-setting pace when he last held a gavel as the chairman of a Judiciary subcommittee.  He has an earned reputation as a remarkably hard worker.

Expect hearings before Valentine's Day on minimum wage, workers’ rights, and joint employer and independent contractors—topics on which Mr. Scott authored legislation in the current Congress.

As ranking member of Ed and Workforce for the past four years, he has sharpened the Democrats' arguments on mandated paid leave, predictive scheduling, and gender pay equity.

Ending arbitration clauses could be among first legislation introduced: Last month, Scott introduced legislation to end pre-dispute arbitration agreements by overruling the 2018 Supreme Court decision in Epic Systems v. Lewis.  Scott said, “Workers should not be coerced into signing away their rights as a condition of their employment, but that is the reality for millions of workers across the country.”