Global Ally LAMERG to Guide Companies Through Sweeping Labor Reforms on May 22-23 in Miami

April 06, 2018

As labor reforms sweep across Latin America, our global ally, the Latin America Employee Relations Group, is helping to prepare companies for the changes, some to the left and some to the right.  LAMERG is offering a discounted fee to HR Policy Association members who would like to join the LAMERG Membership Meeting May 22-23 in North Miami Beach.  Key agenda items will include:
  • An overview of the upcoming federal elections in Latin America, with a particular focus on Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico;

  • With the guidance of two leading Brazilian employment attorneys, how to convert the new flexibility in Brazilian employment law into reality, such as outsourcing options, revised employment agreements for high level employees, and the new requirement for employees to authorize the deduction of union dues;

  • Understanding Argentina‚Äôs more modest but still important reforms, such as the revised mandatory retirement age and significant changes in employment complaints and litigation;

  • A first-hand account from a former corporate general counsel on investigating and resolving corruption allegations in Latin America;

  • Preparing for the potential pendulum swing in Chile as conservative President Pinera begins his term; and

  • Dealing with uncertainty as Mexico has implemented ILO conventions 98 and 87 but has not yet issued specific regulations.