Congress Seeks to Create Workplace Opioid Advisory Committee

June 15, 2018

The House passed a number of bills to address the opioid crisis, including a measure that would create a committee to advise the Secretary of Labor on actions the Department of Labor can take to address the impact of opioid abuse on the workplace.

The advisory committee would, among other things, provide informational resources and best practices on how to appropriately address the impact of opioid abuse on the workplace and support workers abusing opioids.

While the committee would include four company representatives, the other members would include four representing organized labor; three representing health benefit plans, EAP providers, and safety and health professionals; and eight representing substance abuse treatment and recovery experts, including medical providers and academic researchers.

After three years, the committee would issue a report detailing successful programs and policies involving workplace resources and benefits, including recommendations or examples of best practices for how employers can support and respond to employees impacted by opioid abuse.

Outlook: As the House and Senate work on opioid legislation over the next two weeks, it is highly likely this bill will be signed into law.