Conaty: Culture Is the Name of the Game

August 03, 2018

In accepting an honorary degree from the Jack Welch Management Institute, former GE CHRO Bill Conaty, who served as the Association’s Chair from 2001-2007, provided sage advice to HR professionals, outlining his views on issues such as culture, which is “what happens inside an organization when no one is looking.”

Conaty engaged in a lengthy conversation with former GE CEO Jack Welch, who said Conaty changed "the perception of HR wherever he has been.”  Welch went on to say Conaty has been “all about building great teams and, as you know, building great teams is how you win in business.”

On culture: Conaty described culture as a “clear set of values and behaviors that is more than just a placard at the back of the receptionist’s desk.  It has to be the basis for everything that happens—assessments, rewards, appraisals, recognitions, etc.—and if you don’t see that connection, that’s a bad situation.”

The Institute launched an MBA program in Human Resources, which Bill was involved in developing.