BEERG: UK Position on "Freedom of Movement" Places Agreement on Transition Guidelines at Risk

February 02, 2018

UK Prime Minister Theresa May rejected a central aspect of the European Commission’s recently published negotiating guidelines for a transitional arrangement for the UK upon its departure from the EU.  Specifically, she maintained that EU citizens coming to the UK after the transition should not have the full range of rights they enjoyed while the UK was a member in good standing with the EU.  In the Global Labor Newsletter, BEERG notes: "May’s [position] has now put an agreement on a transition arrangement very much as risk.  Generally, nothing in politics is ever black or white, but the issue of EU citizen’s rights in the UK during a transition is as close as it gets... Bottom line: Either the UK backs down from the position May has outlined or there will be no transition arrangement and without such an arrangement it may be difficult to conclude an overall Withdrawal Agreement.  Developments in the days and weeks ahead will be critical."  Read the full BEERG Global Labor Newsletter here.