BEERG: Survey Predicts Significant Layoffs Due to Brexit

April 06, 2018

More than a fifth of manufacturing firms are planning to lay off workers to cope with the costs of Brexit, according to a survey of UK companies that suggests the sector is already losing business.  The BEERG Global Labor Newsletter reports that more than one in ten (11 percent) manufacturers say that they have already lost contracts, according to Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply data.  BEERG notes: "The figures have emerged as a group of cross-party MPs and peers hope to persuade the government to reconsider its determination to leave the EU's customs union, a move causing serious concern among manufacturing groups. . . . Experts are warning that more EU businesses could start splitting away from their UK partners as Brexit approaches."   One British union leader warned: "Companies need to be honest with their workforces about the impact of Brexit.  And not use it as an excuse to lay people off.  But it's clear that the government's shambolic approach to Brexit is sending shudders through the UK manufacturing sector."  Read the BEERG Global Newsletter.