BEERG Launches Monthly Brexit Bulletin As Negotiations Enter Initial Stages

April 07, 2017

BEERG's first monthly Brexit Bulletin analyzes UK Prime Minister Theresa May's letter to Brussels formalizing her country's intent to leave the European Union—and the European Union's draft response—with the rights of EU citizens living in the UK (and vice versa) at stake.  The showdown over outstanding financial obligations will dominate the discussions.  "The first major roadblock to a successful negotiation," the Bulletin observes, "is the resolution of the UK’s ongoing financial obligations to the EU after it leaves... Negotiations could come to a halt very quickly if a solution to the issue of financial liabilities cannot be found."   Meanwhile, negotiations of how to handle people who have suddenly become EU or UK expatriates will present major difficulties of their own.  The Bulletin warns, "While it might seem that it should be a straightforward matter to mutually agree on the rights of EU citizens living in the UK and of UK citizens living in the EU, this is far from the case."  You can read the full Brexit Bulletin and the latest BEERG Global Labor Newsletter here.