BEERG: Iceland, Germany Pay Equity Laws Take Effect

January 12, 2018

German and Icelandic laws requiring public disclosure of pay disparities between men and women—and in Iceland's case, certification of pay equity from the governmentgo into effect as France considers a similar measure. The German law further mandates companies with more than 200 employees to reveal upon request how a worker's pay compares to that of a colleague of the opposite sex performing equal or equivalent activity.  Little is yet known about the proposal being considered in France, but it is expected to include mandates requiring companies to disclose salary averages between men and women.  As discussed in the BEERG Global Labor Newsletter, with regard to the new Icelandic law, "The certification work will be undertaken by independent auditors, such as private consultancy firms, which will be required to report their findings to a government agency, the Centre for Gender Equality.  The Centre can make the findings public, so that employees and prospective employees will be aware whether or not a company is compliant."  Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) recently published a post on Facebook lauding the move.  Read the full BEERG Newsletter.