BEERG: Employers' Voice Needed in Developing Post-Brexit UK Immigration Policy

April 21, 2017

With an anticipated victory for UK Prime Minister Theresa May in the upcoming general election, the phasing out of free movement from the European Union to the UK will become a reality, carrying with it implications for employers with workers in either or both regions.  In the latest BEERG Global Labor Newsletter, Samar Shams from Lewis Silkin considers how employers should prepare for this likely outcome, noting especially an opening for employers to influence policy.  "The government is collecting information via a number of public inquiries," writes Shams.  "UK policymakers want to know what businesses want and their openness to suggestions on immigration policy is unprecedented.  Whatever the other potential effects of Brexit and Trump’s presidency may be, they could provide an opportunity for reform of the UK immigration system.  Now is the time to make contact."  To read the full newsletter, click here.