BEERG: British MPs Warn Immigration System Unprepared for Brexit

February 16, 2018

The House of Commons Home Affairs Committee Chairwoman Yvette Cooper called the lack of detail from the government on immigration policy post-Brexit "irresponsible" in a report that claims the UK's immigration system will be unprepared when Britain leaves the EU in March of 2019.  “We recognize that the government needs time to consider long-term changes," Chairwoman Cooper said.  "But the Home Office urgently needs to set out its intentions for next year."  BEERG notes in the Global Labor Newsletter, "She pointed to a long list of unresolved questions: Would systems be separate for registering EU citizens in the UK before Brexit day and for those who arrive during a transition period; would migration rules be the same during the transition as they are at present; and would employers have to check EU citizen employees’ documents?  'The litany of questions that remain over the status of EU citizens is causing needless anxiety and uncertainty, both for EU citizens and their families and for employers who need to plan,' Ms. Cooper said.  'Ministers need to provide urgent answers.'" Read the full BEERG Global Labor Newsletter here.