BEERG Brexit Blog: UK Backed Into a Corner in Brexit Negotiations

November 03, 2017

Brexit Secretary David Davis told the House of Lords this week, "The withdrawal agreement, on balance, will probably favor the [European] Union in terms of things like money and so on."  He further noted: "[T]he future relationship will favor both sides and will be important to both of us."  BEERG Executive Director Tom Hayes writes in the most recent BEERG Brexit blog that given the lack of common ground between the two negotiating parties—centered on the UK's desire to distance itself from the EU and the EU desiring no such thing—the proceedings will prove to be drawn out and nearly impossible to navigate.  "What the 'Brits' want," Hayes writes, "is to move from a marriage to a 'friends with benefits' arrangement and there are no circumstances in which the 'jilted' EU will agree to such an arrangement, where the UK gets all the benefits it wants but incurs none of the costs."  The result is the UK has gotten itself into an impossible negotiating position as the clock "ticks remorselessly down" on striking a deal.  Read the full BEERG Newsletter.  Read the latest BEERG Brexit blog.