BEERG Brexit Blog: Six Specific Brexit Thoughts

August 03, 2018

BEERG Executive Director Tom Hayes advises readers to “prepare for the worst” after reflecting on six lessons learned thus far about the Brexit saga.  His observations include:

  1. The UK’s “unwritten constitution” has bred unpredictable decisions relating to Brexit while limiting the UK’s ability to navigate away from them.

  2. The EU cannot bring the flexibility the UK seems to expect to Brexit talks as it is a sui generis agreement among 28 member states, meaning that in order to work, it must maintain fidelity to its written agreements.

  3. For the EU, Brexit is damage limitation and a loss to both sides, a great divergence to how the UK approaches the Brexit discussions, where it sees the mirage of opportunity.

  4. The Brexit that was sold to the public is not the Brexit that will happen.  Gone will be many of the EU’s economic benefits.  And the problems, such as certain of the UK’s financial commitments to the UK, as it turns out, will more than likely persist.

  5. There is no turning back.  Ahead are years of reconstructing what was once available through the EU and Brexit-inspired political turmoil.

  6. No one knows what will happen.  Such an endeavor as Brexit has never in living memory been attempted—there is no road map.

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