Texas Court Orders Glassdoor to Reveal Identity Behind Postings Accusing Employer of Illegal Conduct

March 31, 2017

The Texas Fifth District Court of Appeals ordered employer review website Glassdoor to reveal the identity behind two negative postings which accused an employer of illegal conduct and negatively impacted the retailer's ability to recruit needed talent.  The court stated, "[T]hese assertions are not examples of rhetorical hyperbole or mere personal opinion.  They are accusations of illegal conduct that are capable of being proved true or false."  The employer, Andra Group LP, claimed the reviews had undermined its ability to hire needed talent, forcing it to hire recruiting agencies at significant expense in order to overcome the reputational damage caused by the posts.  "Several qualified candidates refused to consider positions with Andra," the employer claimed, "and one candidate canceled a scheduled interview based on the Glassdoor reviews."