State of the States: Wage Transparency Bills Percolate Across U.S. and Canada

March 16, 2018

As hundreds of new labor and employment bills are introduced and hundreds more are considered in various state and local deliberative bodies, wage transparency has emerged as a leading issue, with California's State Legislature again attempting to pass a bill that would require large employers to collect and provide pay data information to the state.  According to the Workplace Policy Institute's State of the States report, the measure would mandate that employers report the number of employees by race, ethnicity, and sex in each of 10 job categories, as well as pay information for each employee.  A similar bill was passed by both chambers of the California State Legislature last year but was vetoed by Governor Jerry Brown.  Meanwhile, Ontario introduced draft legislation that would impose pay gap reporting requirements on employers and empower the Ministry of Labour to fine employers who fail to fulfill the provision's requirements, among other things.  Ottawa is considering a similar measure that would be applicable nationwide.