Progressive Group Lays Out Workplace Agenda for House Democrats

November 16, 2018

The Center for American Progress released an aggressive legislative plan for House Democrats that includes some issues, such as paid leave, which may have a modest chance of compromise with the White House.

Paid leave:  The CAP plan calls for passing the Family and Medical Leave Insurance Act (H.R. 947), which would create a national paid leave program funded by employee and employer payroll taxes.  Although there are sharp differences between the parties over whether to impose an employer mandate, President Trump has previously indicated he would support some paid leave measures.  Various GOP legislators have introduced their own proposals.

  • Better odds: With 90 women House members and 10 in the Senate next year, the potential for compromise on paid leave presumably will increase.

LGBT rights:  The CAP plan also calls for passing the Equality Act (H.R. 2285), which would add protection for sexual orientation and gender identity in a wide variety of federal nondiscrimination statutes.

Other CAP proposals may also see action in the House, including raising the minimum wage to $15, limiting the use of arbitration and noncompete agreements, and increasing penalties for labor violations.

Outlook:  All of the CAP proposals are likely to be the subject of House hearings next year and many will be brought up for a House vote over the next two years.  Whether the Senate takes up any of the House bills or the GOP introduces alternative legislation remains an open question.  It is unclear how many bill signing ceremonies the Democrats are willing to give President Trump, if any, ahead of the 2020 campaign.