Philadelphia Delays Fair Workweek Law Three Months

December 06, 2019

In response to concerns by industry groups, Philadelphia has delayed the implementation of the city’s “fair workweek” law in order to allow time for companies to comply.

“Due to the short amount of time between the anticipated posting of final regulations and January 1, 2020—the law’s original effect date—updated regulations will announce that the effect date of the law will be postponed until April 1, 2020,” the city said in its announcement.

Philadelphia’s final regulations are not expected until middle to late December.  Meanwhile, the city is wrapping up a report responding to public input, which must be released before the final regulations are unveiled.

The measure imposes significant hiring restrictions and predictable scheduling requirements on large food services, retail, and hospitality franchises operating in Philadelphia. 

Relief: Melissa Bova, vice president of government affairs for the Pennsylvania Restaurant and Lodging Association, said, “This delay, of three months, merely gives the time needed for compliance—which is good news for employers and employees." 

“It is embarrassing for our city to pass groundbreaking worker protections, only to kowtow to industry pressures after the fact or delay implementation due to lack of preparation,” the Coalition to Respect Every Worker (CREW) said in a statement.

Why it matters:  Businesses would have had mere days to prepare for compliance with the law’s regulatory guidelines—during the holiday season, no less—had not the effective date been changed.  This development underlines that company engagement pays dividends and can waylay significant compliance-related headaches.