OECD Releases Recommendations for Responsible Stewardship of Artificial Intelligence

May 31, 2019

The Trump administration endorsed the OECD’s Recommendation on Artificial Intelligence, which laid out five broad values-based principles for member states and other nations that share democratic ideals.

The Recommendation identified five “complementary values-based principles for the responsible stewardship of trustworthy AI”:

  • Inclusive growth, sustainable development and well-being;
  • Human-centered values and fairness;
  • Transparency and explainability;
  • Robustness, security and safety; and
  • Accountability.

The Recommendation also provides five suggestions to policymakers “pertaining to national policies and international co-operation for trustworthy AI,” namely:

  • Investing in AI research and development;
  • Fostering a digital ecosystem for AI;
  • Shaping an enabling policy environment for AI;
  • Building human capacity and preparing for labor market transformation; and
  • International co-operation for trustworthy AI.

The OECD further recommended, “Governments should also work closely with stakeholders to promote the responsible use of AI at work, to enhance the safety of workers and the quality of jobs, to foster entrepreneurship and productivity, and aim to ensure that the benefits from AI are broadly and fairly shared.”

Why it matters:  AI might not cause the economic disruption envisioned by many commentators, yet significant questions remain, especially in areas such as training and bias.  As the technology develops, this is an encouraging sign that the international dialogue is underway.