New Surveys Show Employers Considering COVID Vaccine Incentives

February 12, 2021

A new Litter survey finds 33% of employers plan to provide employees paid time off to get vaccinated and 11% plan to provide cash awards, with some companies announcing cash awards as high as $500.

The recent Littler survey found:

  • Most employers are unlikely to mandate vaccinations.  Less than 1% are currently mandating vaccination and only 6% plan to do so once vaccines become readily available, while 48% have already decided against a mandate.

  • Employee relations primary concern with a mandate: 67% are concerned about a mandate‚Äôs impact on employee morale and company culture.

  • To encourage vaccinations, 37% of employers plan to offer on-site vaccine administration, 33% are offering paid time off to get and recover from being vaccinated, and 11% are offering cash awards or other monetary benefits.

Of those employers considering a cash incentive, another survey conducted in late January found 24% plan to offer $100 to $500 and 22% plan to offer less than $100.  However, it is unclear if large incentives will be allowed by the EEOC.  See a previous story regarding HR Policy's request for federal guidance on vaccine incentives.

Takeaway:  A significant number of employers are still considering what their vaccine strategy will be, but according to Litter, employers are not hinging their return-to-work plans on vaccination.  Most are extending remote work at least into the summer (49%) or allowing employees to work on-site on a voluntary basis (37%).