New Section on HR Policy Website Enables CHROs to Stay Current on Latest Trends in Artificial Intelligence

November 17, 2017

For those looking for a comprehensive aggregator of news stories, books, academic studies, consultant reports, and other publications on artificial intelligence and its impact on work, we encourage you to check out  This subject is now one of the Association's priority issues, and one element of our program is ensuring that the membership has an easy way to access current thinking on the subject.  For example, we scrape the websites of dozens of news organizations daily, and the most interesting publications are posted on our site along with a representative quote.  For those interested in exploring the subject in greater depth, the site features all the major books on artificial intelligence together with reviews, videos featuring the authors, and commentary.  Among the issues receiving our attention within this field is the emergence of software doing evaluations of job applicants and its ability to remove bias in decision making, a topic receiving increasing attention from policymakers.  Bias in selection tools is one of the four major public policy issues involving artificial intelligence currently under consideration.  The others are: regulating companies holding large amounts of employee and corporate data as utilities, legislation facilitating the rollout of autonomous trucks and cars and its impact on drivers, and programs such as universal basic income to mitigate the effects of the transformation of the workplace resulting from the implementation of artificial intelligence.  You can also reach the site via the Association's Emerging Workplace page