Mental Health Index: Progress in Reducing Stress, Negativity Levels, and Risk of General Anxiety

February 19, 2021

The January Mental Health Index demonstrated improvement for employee mental health in the new year, but experts warn this does not mean that workplace mental health troubles are over.  HR Policy’s American Health Policy Institute will hold a webinar on February 23 on the subject.

Employee stress and the risk of general anxiety disorder dropped to pre-pandemic levelsThe index saw a 21% increase in sustained attention among employees in January.  While this is very encouraging, the risk of depression and PTSD remained at 71% and 33% higher, respectively, than before COVID-19. 

Mental Health Webinar – February 23 at 12 p.m. EST:  While the January Index found that levels of resiliency and social connectivity improved, it is important that employers continue to focus on stress management and resiliency.  The webinar will feature Perry Stuckey, SVP & CHRO, Eastman; James Garvie, SVP Total Rewards & HR Technology, Southern Company; and George Murphy, SVP Total Rewards, HR Technology and Operations, Lincoln Financial.  They will discuss the steps they are taking to manage employee wellbeing during these trying times.  Dr. Evian Gordon, Chief Medical Officer at Total Brain will talk about how stress impacts the brain and body, present the latest data from the Mental Health Index and offer tips on how to support employees.

You can register for the call here.