Leave Policies Get Progressive

March 11, 2021

Special leave policies were approved by a number of companies, necessitated by the onset of the pandemic. However, these still had certain boundaries. With a majority of India Inc. employees working from home for almost a year, a bunch of companies have now introduced leave benefits that employees can use for a range of reasons, including mental well being.
Juggling work and personal life in a remote working model is taking a toll on employees. The blurred lines between work and life, the threat of losing a job, the possibility of losing a dear one to COVID-19, and reduced social interaction are adding up to the mental woes of employees working from home. An online fashion retailer offers unlimited wellness leave, the first two days of which do not require documentation and with medical documentation for days beyond that. It has also rolled out 'Care Leave' of up to 14 days to take care of parents or children who fall sick or need assistance. Also rolled out is five day leave for weddings, including same-sex partner marriages. A leading FMCG company has rolled out 'Share the Care' leave, which enables all new parents to use parental leave (8 weeks fully paid leave) regardless of gender or marital status. This is in addition to the company's existing maternity leave policy of 26 weeks for mothers and 26 weeks adoption leave for primary care givers. The key reason being cited for the revised leave policies by these companies is to provide teams the opportunity to take time off for their wellbeing without worrying about their leave balance.