HR Policy Letter: Addressing Sexual Harassment Challenge Primarily About Culture and “Tone at the Top”

March 16, 2018

HR Policy sent a letter to Fortune critical of its recent article taking human resource professionals to task for the recent wave of sexual harassment allegations.  The letter notes, “Human Resources should and does take a leadership role within the company on this but, ultimately, it is a challenge for the entire company and, eventually, the society at large.”  The letter further states: 

From setting clear expectations throughout their organizations by the “tone at the top” established by their leaders, to targeted training, as well as a range of employee feedback and listening initiatives, our members take proactive steps to ensure that their companies are fostering positive and respectful cultures, free from any forms of discrimination…The objective is not limited to having strong policies and procedures required by law.  The bigger challenge is ensuring that a company has a positive workplace culture when it comes to gender relationships, a balance of gender representation at all levels of the organization, and an atmosphere where sexual harassment victims feel comfortable in bringing their complaints to the attention of the appropriate company officials. 
Unlike many other websites, Fortune does not enable responses on the location where an article appears, nor does it have an online “Letter to the Editor” function.  Our letter has been submitted for the hard copy edition but we have been told there is very limited space for those letters.