HR Policy in India to Hold Inaugural Meeting in Bangalore on 1/21/20

November 15, 2019

All HR Policy member companies considering joining our new global initiative, HR Policy in India, are welcome to attend its inaugural meeting, which will be hosted by Accenture in its Bangalore learning center on January 21, 2020.

Strong membership interest:  So far, the group includes 37 companies from the manufacturing, IT services, and retail sectors.  For those companies who are already members of our Asia-Pacific ally APERG, membership in the new group is automatic.

Why your company should attend:  In addition to an excellent networking opportunity for your India team, topics to be covered in the January 21 meeting include: 

  • Managing HR in India today, 
  • Modi 2.0 and the opportunities for international companies, and 
  • The impact of artificial intelligence and automation on India – challenge or opportunity?

Register for the January 21, 2020 inaugural meeting here (Association members only).

If you want to learn more, contact Alan Wild at