HR Policy Expands Coronavirus Offerings in Face of Growing Outbreak

March 06, 2020

The Association continues to take action with a number of initiatives to assist companies in developing and implementing their responses to the coronavirus outbreak, including hosting a fourth membership-wide webinar, conducting a company pulse survey, and establishing an online community for CHROs to share resources and best practices.

The latest in a weekly series of webinars featured several company perspectives and included input from medical experts as well as policy perspectives from Association staff.  Among the issues discussed were pay and leave policies, protocol in event of site closings, communications, policies on holding meetings, and outbreak prevention strategies.

We conducted several polls of webinar attendees on leave and pay policies, communications strategies, and travel guidelines.  The poll results and a detailed summary of the call may be found here.

Meanwhile, the Association conducted a membership-wide survey on company responses to the outbreak.  The survey focused on travel guidance, policies regarding board meetings, compensation policies, and prevention measures. Some findings include: 

  • 53% of members are prohibiting all unnecessary business-related travel. 
  • 91% of members are educating employees about when to avoid coming into the workplace. 
  • 82% of members are making special efforts to sanitize facilities. 
  • 53% of members are continuing pay through the full time of illness and/or quarantine.
  • 35% of members are activating PTO for employees after a predetermined amount of time of continued pay. 

We have also instituted the Coronavirus Response Network, a members-only online community for posting questions and answers regarding how companies are planning for and dealing with the coronavirus outbreak.  Yesterday, all HR Policy members were sent an email with instructions on how to access the network, and companies are already posting policies and communications.  If you have further questions about the network, please contact Henry Eickelberg at

Resources:  The Association has compiled resources recommended by members, including information regarding company policies.

Looking ahead:  The Association will continue to provide platforms for companies to collaborate in preventing and responding to the global threat the coronavirus presents to their workforces.  If you would like to contribute on the next call or with additional resources, please contact Daniel Chasen at