HR Policy Association Launches Return to the Workplace Framework

April 24, 2020

HR Policy unveiled a new Decision Guide for Returning to the Workplace and Resource Center in a member-wide webinar that addressed the myriad issues involved in bringing employees back to physical workspaces.

HR Policy Return to the Workplace Project:  The call discussed the Association’s Return to the Workplace Project, which will address the key issues employers face, including the triggers for bringing employees back to the workplace, the testing infrastructure required, and the sequencing of the return.  It will also address employee readiness and the transitional policies and practices that employers will need as employees return.

Resource Center:  The Association also launched a web-based Resource Center that includes member strategies and communications, expert resources, and governmental standards focused on return to workplace issues.

Webinar featured Member approaches, documentation:  In addition to the Guide and Resource Center, the Association’s webinar featured two leading companies discussing how they are approaching the return to the workplace.  One of the members shared their company framework for phasing employees back to the workplace, issue prioritization, and work teams, and both answered member questions.  Members can access the slides from the call here and a call summary is available here