HR Policy and AHPI Urge Congress to Include Health Care Provisions in Phase Four Legislation

May 08, 2020

HR Policy Association and the American Health Policy Institute urged congressional leadership to expand telehealth services, end surprise billing, and increase health care transparency in its next bill to address the COVID-19 pandemic.

The letter asks Congress to consider the following provisions:

  • Make permanent the temporary relief in the CARES Act for telehealth benefits in high deductible health plans and expand telehealth services by encouraging states to join the Interstate Medical Licensure Commission Compact (IMLCC) as a condition for receiving federal relief funding.  Licensure laws require physicians to hold licenses in the states where their patients reside, even when providing care via telehealth.  IMLCC simplifies the process for physicians when applying for licensure in states that belong to the compact.

  • End surprise billing by including the Lower Health Care Costs Act (S.1895), which will reduce out-of-pocket health care costs for employees and their families and create more transparency through the elimination of gag clauses and anti-competitive terms in insurance contracts.

  • Provide a temporary safe harbor during the pandemic for inadvertent violations of the ACA’s employer shared responsibility provisions due to rapid staffing changes and transitions.