House Spending Bill Includes Key Policy Mandates

July 17, 2020

The House Appropriations Committee passed a major funding bill that would block several important Trump administration labor and employment rules and require the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to develop a new plan to collect pay data from employers.

The House spending bill and adjoining Appropriations Committee report would:

  • Require the EEOC to come up with a new plan for collecting pay data from employers, analyze pay data it collected for 2017 and 2018, and make the results public (see separate story on current EEOC actions);

  • Prevent DOL and the NLRB from implementing or enforcing their final joint employer rules; and

  • Prevent the NLRB from implementing or enforcing the Board’s final rule on union elections.

Outlook:  While the bill will likely pass the full House, it is unlikely to become law in its current form and historically few policy “riders” end up in any final appropriations bill.  However, it does indicate which labor and employment policy reforms Congress might push through should Democrats control both the House and Senate next year.