Health Care Ballot Measures Could Dominate 2014 California Election

November 22, 2013

When California voters go to the polls next November, they may be able to vote on four ballot initiatives that could significantly impact employers, insurers, and providers in the state.  The potential initiatives include:

  • Empowering California’s insurance commissioner to regulate and veto proposed health insurance rate increases;
  • Raising the current $250,000 cap on jury awards for pain-and-suffering damages awarded in medical malpractice lawsuits to about $1 million;
  • Prohibiting hospitals from charging patients more than a 25 percent markup on the cost of services; and
  • Putting a $450,000 limit on the annual pay of nonprofit hospital executives.
An election year ballot full of health care issues could spur a campaign free-for-all that may prompt other ballot initiatives and hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign spending.