Feigen Advisors Unveils 2018 New CEO Report

September 13, 2019

CEO Advisory firm Feigen Advisors released the 2018 "New CEO Report," which profiles the 23 newest chief executive officers in the S&P 250, provides a view into the leadership transitions of such enterprises, and draws trends from data from the past five years.

In analyzing trends over the last five years, the report found that:

  • Average CEO tenure in S&P 250 is nine years:  Large companies retain their CEOs nearly twice as long as the broader market.

  • The majority of incoming CEOs were promoted from within:  In the last five years, 84% of companies appointed their new leader from within their own ranks.

  • Female CEOs still underrepresented in the C-suite:  Over the last five years, only nine of 134 new CEOs were women.  By comparison, ten CEOs had at one point worked for PepsiCo.

  • New CEOs tend to have significant company experience:  On average, new CEOs promoted from within spend nearly 21 years at their companies prior to promotion and have deep expertise and understanding of every aspect of their business, including strategy, operations, capital management and people.