Farmers' Agitation Over India's Farm Acts Continues

February 10, 2021

HR Policy India Update: We reported in our last newsletter that the protesting farmers who did not accept the government’s offer to defer the farm Acts and decided to go ahead with a tractor march in the heart of the Capital, Delhi, turned violent.  After widespread media coverage of the violence, the farmer leaders distanced themselves from the group that started the violence. A day later, two out of the total of 33 farmer unions called off the protest and headed home. Experts hoped this was an end to the agitation, but the next few days saw farmers continue to protest for their original demand of a full repeal of the three farm laws. On February 3rd, several International celebrities openly supported the farmers, globalizing the issue. The government has heavily censored pro-farmer posts on social media as the protests have attracted the support of thousands of farmers from states such as Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Maharashtra. Though talks are continuing, the farmers have called for a country wide “Chakka Jam” (closing of roads to vehicular traffic), on February 6th. The two sides are now in a stalemate, with the ball in the government’s court.