FALL OUTLOOK: A Pivotal Period in HR Policy

August 29, 2017

As the Trump administration enters the final months of its tumultuous first year, health care issues continue to dominate the employment policy agenda, with many other areas on the verge of significant changes and a looming challenge for senior HR leaders created by the advent of new technologies.  The Association's policy priorities will continue to see developments at a startling speed, while new trends in policy and the workplace could drastically change the landscape in the near future.  Among these are artificial intelligence and increasing discussions of some form of single-payer health care, an idea that has picked up steam among many Democrats as they maneuver for political victories in 2018 and 2020.  State and local activists, meanwhile, are gaining ground in a number of areas, including paid leave, pay ratio, and gender pay, with an eye toward future federal mandates.  Internationally, our global HR alliance reports a no less challenging picture, as Brexit continues to move ahead despite growing uncertainty.  This special edition of This Week in HR Policy examines these areas and more, while also discussing the broader issues expected to impact policy, such as political and economic trends.