DOL Asks for Employers' Input on Paid Leave Laws

July 17, 2020

The Department of Labor Women’s Bureau has published a request for information (RFI) to help the Bureau develop and report on “promising paid leave practices and provide valuable input for state and federal implementation of paid leave policies.”

Although the Wage and Hour Division enforces federal paid leave laws, the Women’s Bureau occasionally collects paid leave data to further its mission to “formulate standards and policies that promote the welfare of wage-earning women, improve their working conditions, increase their efficiency, and advance their opportunities for profitable employment.”

The three-page RFI asks interested stakeholders to provide comments on 23 different questions, including:

  • What could be done to improve the existing patchwork of programs, which include state and employer-sponsored paid options?

  • Are individual businesses, localities, states, or the government best equipped to provide standards for paid leave?  Are employer-based or state-based programs more effective in the administration of paid leave programs?

  • Do employers who already offer paid leave programs continue to do so when state mandates or programs are instituted, or do such mandates lead some employers to drop more generous programs?

  • Should it be permissible to take paid leave intermittently?  Should there be a time period within which intermittent leave must be taken?

  • Are there impediments to making adjustments to your company’s paid leave policy?

Outlook:  HR Policy’s Future Workplace Policy Council will work closely with its paid leave working group to inform its comments, which are due on September 14.