December Future Workplace Policy Council Conference to Examine Election Impact on Workplace Policy

October 16, 2020

What will the November election results mean for the future of workplace policy?  We invite you to join our Fall Future Workplace Policy Council Conference December 8–9 to hear from public policy experts, HR Policy staff, and member company representatives to discuss the implications of this potentially pivotal election.

This virtual conference is free to HR Policy member companies.

Expert panels will also explore the future implications of employee voice and D&I, respectively, in the wake of a tumultuous year and in addition to the post-election analysis. 

Guest speakers include: 

  • Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-AL), a former labor lawyer who has been a strong advocate of employer interests throughout his tenure in Congress (2014–2021) 
  • Andy Stern, SEIU President (1996–2010) 
  • Oren Cass, Author, The Once and Future Worker: A Vision for the Renewal of Work in America 
  • Chai Feldblum, EEOC Commissioner (D; 2010–2019) 
  • Victoria Lipnic, EEOC Commissioner (R; 2010–2020) 
  • Wilma Liebman, NLRB Member and Chair (D; 1997–2010) 
  • Sharon Block, NLRB Member (D; 2012–2016) 
  • David Fortney, former Acting Solicitor of Labor 

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To register for the December 8–9 conference, click here.