Companies Considering Return to Office Plans

January 07, 2021

India is facing the challenges of working from home just as many other emerging markets may also be encountering. Many employees dislike working from home as they often experience problems with their internet.  Lack of technology support and interruptions from other family members could impact their productivity. Additionally, working from home could blur the line between work and family life, and lead to workplace burnout. 
A recent survey of 300 IT companies conducted by Hyderabad Software Enterprises Association (HYSEA) reveals that many companies have extended their work from home policy through part of or all of 2021. However, return to office plans are also being considered by these companies. Key findings include:
  • Return to office will increase in 2021, but may never be 100%.

  • A majority of the companies plan to have less than 20% of their workforces operating from the office by end of March 2021, increasing to 40% by the end of June. 

  • Nearly 75% of large companies plan to have 0%–9% of employees working from office through the end of March. By December, the rate will raise to 50%–70%. 

  • Many large companies reported large numbers of employees living outside of Hyderabad. Return to office may create significant burdens for those employees with regard to the distance of their commutes. 

  • Most companies have observed equivalent or increasing productivity for employees who work from home. Some big companies are contemplating increasing work from office in 2021 to better serve their customers. Others said vaccination will encourage employees return to office.