BEERG: French Government Pushes Through Pension Reform

March 13, 2020

The French government is enacting its controversial plan to establish a single national pension scheme by decree, avoiding a parliamentary vote.

The French prime minister, Édouard Philippe, said the measure would be used to bypass parliament after opposition parties filed more than 41,000 amendments to the law in an attempt to stall its introduction.

According to the BEERG Global Labor Newsletter, the proposed changes to the pension system—a key part of Emmanuel Macron's presidential campaign—involve the introduction of what the government says is a fairer and more unified “universal” scheme based on points.

The government argues it is ensuring the long-term health of the pension system, which works by “repartition,” meaning that those currently working directly fund the pensions of those who have retired.  The government has said it will maintain the legal retirement age at 62, but those who wish to claim a full pension will have to work until 64.

Read the full BEERG Global Labor Newsletter, 3/6/20.

Read the full BEERG Global Labor Newsletter, 3/13/20.