BEERG: French Gender Equity Disclosure Requirement Deadline Passes with Half of Companies Behind Schedule

March 15, 2019

The results of France’s new gender equality reporting requirements suggest companies are having a difficult time complying with reporting guidelines published less than three months ago. 

Half of the companies under the requirements have yet to announce their equality performance according to the new equality index. 

A fifth of the companies that reported on time were in the “red alert” zone, with scores of less than 75 out of 100, and could be fined up to 1 percent of payroll if they fail to improve within three years.  The average score of the companies that have reported is 80.

The index is based on five measures: the men-women pay gap; the pay rise gap; the promotion gap; the percentage of women returning from maternity leave who receive pay raises in line with those awarded in their absence; and pay equality among the 10 best-rewarded employees.

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