BEERG: British Chambers of Commerce Submits 20 Questions to UK Government Over Brexit Concerns

February 15, 2019

The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has submitted questions to the UK government over Brexit uncertainty regarding “fundamental aspects of how companies operate,” including whether they will need to pay tariffs on imported goods, whether they’ll be able to move skilled workers between the UK and EU after Brexit, and how trade over the Irish border will be conducted.

Adam Marshall, Director General of the BCC, said, “The imperative remains to avoid a messy and disorderly exit on March 29, but businesses need answers they can base decisions on, no matter the outcome.  The lack of clear, precise answers is now causing real damage to many businesses, and to the wider economy.”

Brexit has already had a chilling effect on the economy, the BCC warned, stifling investment and causing some of its members to lose overseas customers.

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