Association Data Privacy Call Explores Challenges in Practice and Policy

May 17, 2019

With California’s new data privacy law months away from going into effect and Congress and several states considering bills on data privacy, the Association held a membership-wide conference call focusing on issues of practice and policy in this rapidly growing area.

Tracy Keogh, Co-Chair of the Association's Future of Work Committee and Chief Human Resources Officer at HP Inc., kicked off the call saying, “this area is only becoming more and more important and is not going away.”

Ashley Goldsmith, Co-Chair of the Association's Future of Work Committee and Chief People Officer at Workday, Inc., shared her company’s efforts in implementing data privacy practices, principles, and compliance efforts, noting, “We have many new ways to gather data and venues for using it.  The question now is not only can you do it, but more importantly, should you do it?”

Deep dive:  Daniel Chasen, Director of Research and Publications at HR Policy, gave an overview of legislative trends in data privacy at both the federal and state levels, including significant efforts to amend California’s law.  Harriet Pearson, Partner at Hogan Lovells, examined troubling areas of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and the California Consumer Privacy Act.

The Association will continue to engage in this area as it becomes a policy priority for many state legislatures and gains an increasingly high profile in Congress.