Association Continues Coronavirus Response Effort with Member-Wide Webinars

March 13, 2020

The American Health Policy Institute hosted a member-wide webinar on government and company responses to the coronavirus outbreak, as HR Policy in India held a call for members discussing region-specific challenges employers are facing combating the pandemic.

During the AHPI webinar, we heard from company representatives on pay policies, protocols on closures and teleworking, and outreach efforts to minimize the spread of the virus.  We also heard from Association staff on the current state of play on Capitol Hill and applicable labor laws companies will need to consider when developing responses to the coronavirus. 

We conducted several pulse polls of webinar attendees on pay policies, travel guidelines, and policy initiatives.  The poll results and a detailed summary of the call may be found here.

Some findings from the pulse poll include: 

  • 48% of members have prohibited travel to and from areas in the U.S.
  • 84% of members have banned large meetings even when international travel is not required.
  • 67% of members are continuing to provide paid leave through the full period of illness and/or quarantine.
  • 57% of members responded that paid sick leave is the best option to deal with employee absence.

The HR Policy in India call zeroed in on measures being undertaken to contain the spread in the region.  Notably, given India's dense population and size, companies are drawing up plans to contain the spread of the virus and safeguard business continuity. 

HR Policy in India will hold additional regional calls open to HR Policy members.  If you or a colleague is interested in participating, please contact HR Policy Global Affairs Director Alan Wild at 

We launched the Coronavirus Response Network last week—a members-only online community for posting questions and answers regarding how companies are planning for and dealing with the coronavirus outbreak.  All HR Policy members were sent an email with instructions on how to access the network, and companies are already posting policies and questions.  If you have further questions about the network, please contact Henry Eickelberg at

Resources:  The Association has compiled resources recommended by members, including information regarding company policies.

Looking ahead:  Next week, our Future Workplace Policy Council will host the weekly webinar.  The Association will continue to provide platforms for companies to collaborate in preventing and responding to the global threat the coronavirus presents to their workforces.  If you would like to contribute additional resources or have questions, please contact Daniel Chasen at