A Walk on the Wild Side: Country-Specific Profiles in International Labor Relations

May 29, 2020

HR Policy Director of Global Relations Alan Wild’s new “Walk on the Wild Side” podcast episodes feature 10-minute employee relations profiles of India, Brazil, Japan, and the U.S., with a special appearance by labor relations expert Rick Warters.

Key takeaways of the U.S. employment relations profile include: 

  • How U.S. policy differs from the United Nations conventions 87 and 98 and how U.S. unions stand apart from other nations' unions;

  • The influence unions have on U.S. policymaking;

  • How collective bargaining agreements are handled in the U.S.; and

  • Tips for Employee Relations Specialists when working with unions in the U.S.

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New episodes are released twice per week, and cover in bite-sized pieces all of the issues and countries described in depth in our face-to-face learning programs.

If you would like to know more or offer ideas for subjects you would like covered in the future, drop a note to Alan at awild@hrpolicy.org.