“Tech Trek” Through Bay Area Highlights Changes in the World of Work

June 01, 2018

Last week, almost 30 HR Policy members were guided through various workplaces in and around San Francisco in a creative and stimulating West Coast Regional Meeting led by Tracy Keogh, Chief Human Resources Officer, HP Inc., and Ashley Goldsmith, Chief People Officer, Workday, Inc.

The rolling caravan visited:

  • Amazon Fresh and explored how one of the largest companies in the world manages to “build the scale” while ensuring a sufficient level of “scrappiness”;

  • Electronic Arts to see how it used gaming expertise to create a new interactive app and web-based tool for engaging with applicants;

  • WeWork, which is committed to its purpose and culture as it reinvents the concept of shared workspaces;

  • Airbnb, whose headquarters incorporates both examples and learnings from its various listings around the globe, and is focused internally as well as externally on the theme of “belonging”; and

  • LinkedIn, which discussed its approach to talent development and retention, including encouraging employees to bring their "authentic selves" to work. 

Workday CEO Aneel Bhusri shared his insights on the critical leadership role of companies in the current political and cultural climate—a topic that headlined our CHRO Summit.  He spoke about the importance of value-added HR leadership to the company’s success and the importance of HR and corporate leadership as the impact of technology on work continues to evolve.

Why it matters: HR leadership is addressing the challenges of how technology, data, and innovation around work and workspaces can reinforce the importance of our people and enhance talent, culture, and corporate purpose.