Temporary Work Visas

In recent years, work visas such as the H-1B, L-1, and H-2B have come under severe scrutiny by policymakers on both sides of the aisle, despite generally strong legal and regulatory protections against displacing American jobs and robust evidence that these visa programs benefit American workers and the American economy. Several cases involving certain unscrupulous employers have made headlines, obscuring the truth about how the great majority of employers use these visa programs and how they benefit American employers, workers, and America’s global competitiveness. These cases are unfortunate not only for the workers involved and the companies who allegedly acted improperly toward them, but potentially for the future of the American economy, as their examples now color the national conversation regarding foreign-born workers and work visas such as the H-1B.

Foreign-born workers of all skill levels benefit their companies, American workers, American communities, and the American economy. HR Policy works with policymakers to help ensure immigration policy allows both workers and employers options to create the greatest value for their companies and their families while protecting American jobs and encouraging conditions that would create American jobs.