Gender Pay Discrimination (Paycheck Fairness Act)

HR Policy Association strongly opposes unlawful gender pay discrimination and believes that the existing protections against pay discrimination are as strong as other antidiscrimination laws.  Currently, where gender pay discrimination is suspected, plaintiffs have the option of bringing a claim under Title VII or the Equal Pay Act or both.  The Association strongly opposes the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would make it easier for lawsuits to be initiated and successful under the Equal Pay Act.  The legislation would eliminate key employer defenses under the Equal Pay Act including an employer showing that a pay disparity was the result of a legitimate non-discriminatory reason, require the EEOC to collect pay data of every private sector employee, and substantially increase the damages available through such litigation.  The Association likewise strongly opposes “comparable worth" legislation that would require that employees in positions that are of “equal value” to the employer and society receive equivalent pay.