Executive Compensation

The Association's Center On Executive Compensation is dedicated to developing and promoting principled pay and governance practices and advocating compensation policies that serve the best interests of shareholders and other corporate stakeholders.


American Health Policy Institute

American Health Policy Institute (AHPI) is a non-partisan think tank, established to examine the impact of health policy on large employers, and to explore and propose policies that will help bolster the ability of large employers to provide quality, affordable health care to employees and their dependents. The Affordable Care Act has catalyzed a national debate about the future of health care in the United States, and AHPI serves to provide thought leadership grounded in the practical experience of America's largest employers.


Recruiting Software Initiative

The HR Policy Association's Recruiting Software Initiative (RSI) was initiated to help the Association's membership better understand the new hiring and recruiting software solutions integrating artificial intelligence that are rapidly emerging in the human resource marketplace. The RSI Review Board is a dedicated team of talent acquisition leaders from member companies. They assess each vendor's offering in relation to how it could help companies achieve hiring and recruiting efficiency, as well as reach diversity and inclusion goals.

HR Policy Members can access the RSI Database via the link below and discover more about vendors providing solutions in this space.

If you have any questions about this work or how your company can get involved, contact Mike McGuiness, Director of Talent Initiatives with HR Policy Association (mzmmcguiness@hrpolicy.org).

Recruiting Software Initiative

Health Care

Health Care Policy Roundtable (HCPR) is responsible for the management of the coalitions and development of initiatives created by the members of HR Policy Association which sponsor health care benefit programs developed by the Association's membership.”These are bending-the-curve initiatives that use the collective purchasing power of HR Policy members to move the health care marketplace.

Health Care Pathways for Large Employers HCPR has built an evaluation process in partnership with Milliman, Inc. to assess an employer’s current health care strategy from both a quantitative and qualitative perspective for the employer and employees against other possible pathways the employer may want to consider. For example, moving to a Consumer Directed Health Plan Strategy (side-by-side or 100%), moving to an private exchange, either fully insured or self insured or moving to the public exchange. In addition understanding the impact and timing the Excise Tax may have on the employer’s strategy. A detailed analysis and report is prepared that is C-suite ready. For more information see the attached summary or contact Colleen McHugh

Retiree Health Access® (RHA®) is a pre- and post-65 multi-carrier retail marketplace offering both group and individual products with technologies leveraging health data to deliver tailored products and a consumer experience geared toward driving greater transparency and lowering long-term costs. Designed to offer an array of affordable coverage options, both group and individual guarantee issue, fully insured choices that protect against catastrophic costs and provide comprehensive coverage. This program enables employers to transition the administration of retiree benefits at a comfortable pace, from highly engaged to exiting, ensuring alignment with their retiree benefits strategy.


Workforce Development

HR Policy Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to getting America educated, qualified and hired through the development of research, services and resources to better inform students, jobseekers, workers, educators and policy makers about the skills needed by large employers in today's rapidly changing workplaces.


jobipedia.org is an interactive website where HR Policy members offer real-world advice to students and recent graduates with questions about job searching.


WeHireAmerica.jobs is a fully functioning job-board created to index and promote all HR Policy members’ jobs for free.

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