Global HR Resources

The global operation of most major corporations poses significant challenges to HR as the company seeks to ensure that those operations share a common corporate culture and values throughout the globe and that the legal requirements of various countries are complied with while maintaining the company's corporate identity, culture and reputation. Since 2007, the Association has been affiliated with our EU counterpart, the Brussels European Employee Relations Group (BEERG), in helping our member companies understand global employee relations issues as well as labor law and practice issues arising in their own operations and in their global supply chains.

Global HR Contacts

In today’s volatile global labor and employment climate, companies looking to expand operations around the globe face wide regional and cultural variations among employment laws, regulations, and customs. Click through this interactive Global HR map for a network of experts who have been used by HR Policy Association member companies who can provide your company with astute and candid advice you may need when doing business in their countries and regions.


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