Global Employment Relations

The Global HR Alliance brings together the HR Policy Association in the United States, the Brussels Employee Relations Group (BEERG) in Europe, and the Asia-Pacific Employee Relations Group in Asia, for the purpose of providing regional expertise, training and networking opportunities to top HR officials at multi-national enterprises.

Global HR Locations

HR Policy Association, based in Washington, DC, covers HR-related public policy issues in the United States and helps to coordinate the broader Global Alliance.

BEERG is a Brussels-based networking and consultancy group of more than 50 major transational corporations which focuses on European and global labor relations issues.

AMEERG provides a network where participants can learn about labour relations and employment law developments within the Africa and Middle-East regions and discuss how best to handle issues based on their own experiences.

The Asia Pacific Employee Relations Group (APERG) provides a forum for Asia-based senior HR executives at multi-national enterprises to discuss and collaborate on issues of mutual concern.

Steve Gilbert LAMERG is an information-sharing and networking group for HR professionals working in Latin America, as well as HR professionals based in the U.S. or Europe with responsibilities for employees or contractors in Latin America. In its inaugural year, the network comprises HR leaders from more than 35 multi-national enterprises.

Global Labor Updates

BEERG’s Global Labor Newsletter offers weekly updates and analysis on the key labor and employment issues affecting HR professionals around the world in.


Global HR Resources

Explore HR Policy’s trove of resources for global labor professionals, including recommended HR Resource Contacts around the world, guides to employer associations, human rights codes and more.